How to Make a Tasty Update

Once logged in, you'll see our welcome message on the "Create Post" page. You can create an entire post with matching image and hashtags or jump to each section for just an image or highly-curated hashtag list. Icons are at the bottom of each page and in a drop down at the top of the page for quick selection. 


Create a Post

Click on the GREEN "Create a Post" icon to begin. Select your Purpose, Persona, Tone, Platform, Target Audience, Length of Post & Custom Details. Length is how wordy you want the post to be. Please note, if you selected Twitter (X) it will always be the right length for a tweet no matter what. Then, click the "Create Post" green bar to generate your post. 


Refining Your Post

Your post will load with optimized hashtags for the platform you selected. 

To make changes to a post, add text or changes to the box and click the GREEN "Adjust Post". Your new post will load directly below your first post and it will keep loading for each version. Once you're happy, COPY your post and save it. If you make an image, your last post will load on the next screen, but all other versions will disappear. 

IMPORTANT: Unlike most AI tools -- we deeply respect your privacy and do not store your posts, edits or photo uploaded. They will not be shared with the community or saved for ad retargeting (or even worse force you to upgrade for privacy). We find that creepy and we respect our community. With that out of the way -- let's move on! 

Generating an Image:

Once you are happy with your text -- don't forget to copy the text you like and save it on your own device. Now you can start a new post over or go and make a matching image by clicking on the RED "Generate an Image for Your Post". This will take you to our next section. 

Once on the Image Generator page, you'll see your last post above which will help the AI create your image. This is the last opportunity to save your post. To create an image for your post, select your Image Style (artistic style) and Image Option (e.g., Upload a Photo, Snap a Picture, or Let Us Generate an Image for You).

If you're not sure what the AI will make and are having trouble communicating what you are thinking to what you are getting -- we can help! We also added a "Prompt Generator" at the bottom -- this will take your text and turn it into 5 prompts for you to choose from so you can get a clear idea of what will be created and you have more choose over the direction our AI takes. 



Give our AI about 10-30 seconds to create your image. If you are happy with it, you can download it. If you would like to make changes, you can add text in the box and click on the RED "Request Changes to Image" button.

IMPORTANT: Please note -- images are NOT saved. So if you kind of like it, but want to see more options, SAVE your image before requesting a change. Thank you!! 

And that's it! Download your image and paste on your favorite platforms. 

How to Generate an Image Only: 

📸 To generate an image without creating a post, click on the Generate Image icon and follow the same steps as above.

How to Create a Hashtag List: 

Click on the Hashtag Helper icon, add a few keywords, and we'll instantly generate a list of relevant hashtags for you!


And that's it! With Tasty Update, creating engaging social media content has never been easier. Give it a try and watch your social media presence soar! 🌟