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Social Media Doesn't Have to Be Hard

Whether you're an entrepreneur, freelancer, influencer, or everyday user, creating engaging social media content can be time-consuming and stressful. Tasty Update takes the hassle out of the process, so you can focus on what you do best. With just a few clicks, we'll generate the perfect post, complete with the right hashtags and a stunning image to match.


  • AI Social Media Post Image Generator

    Unleash Your Superpower

    Unlock your creativity with AI-generated content that transforms your ideas into reality. Effortlessly craft unique and captivating posts and images, giving you the freedom to focus on what truly inspires you.

  • AI Social Media Post Image Generator

    Reach Your Audience

    Reach more people by creating engaging posts and stunning visuals. Discover trending hashtags tailored to your audience, ensuring your content reaches the right people.

  • AI Social Media Post Generator

    Stay Ahead of the Curve

    Always be on trend with AI-crafted content tailored for every occasion. Effortlessly produce unlimited variations of posts, images and hashtags for special events, like holidays, to ensure your message is timely and relevant.

How it Works

Start with an Idea

Jot down a few keywords, choose your preferred tone, and specify your target audience. Customize your post with a few simple dropdown selections for the platform and style. Over 30 artistic image styles to choose from. It's incredibly easy and takes just seconds to set up.

Watch the Magic

Sit back and let our AI do the rest. We'll create a well-crafted post, perfectly tailored to the platform you choose. Additionally, we'll generate a matching image to complement your post and suggest the perfect hashtags to boost your reach. You can modify the post, image, and hashtags with unlimited tries until you're completely satisfied.

Copy, Paste & Grow

Simply copy and paste your polished content into your favorite social media platforms. No more stress about posting online—watch your follower count soar and your engagement skyrocket!

  • "Tasty Update is, without a doubt, the best AI art assistant I've ever used!"

    I love working on paper crafts like junk journals, tags, and bookmarks, but finding a design tool was tough. Tasty Update is the best AI tool I’ve tried! I can input my ideas, and it either creates an image or gives me prompts to refine my design. It’s easy to use, affordable, and way better than other tools. Any crafter will love Tasty Update! It’s perfect for everything from design creation to hashtag help.

    Jo, Antie Jo Sews

  • "Tasty Update has has transformed my approach to social media!"

    As a small business owner, I used to feel overwhelmed by social media. Now, with just a few clicks, Tasty Update creates amazing content that fits my brand perfectly. My followers love the fresh, fun posts, and I save money by not hiring help. If you’re a small business owner, you need to try Tasty Update. It makes social media easy!

    Erik, Halo Dog

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  • Stress-Free Posting

    Eliminate the stress of constant content creation and stay consistent effortlessly. Jot down a few keywords or paste your own content for a perfect rewrite.

  • AI Social Media Post Generator

    Professional Quality Content

    Create posts and images that look like they were made by a social media expert. Choose from 30+ artistic image styles and platform size. We'll even create sample prompts to narrow down options.

  • Cost-Effective Social Media

    No need to hire expensive social media professionals, contracts or deal with disappointing results. For as little as $1.92 a week, create unlimited posts, images & hashtags!

  • Unlimited Creativity

    Craft Custom Images for any occasion with ease. Notice a hashtag trending and you want to jump into the conversation? Now you can! Great for repurposing content without reshoots!

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